Wow! 5 lucky dogs went home today! Great job to the Petsmart team!

This is Elle! Elle’s adopter has come the last 4 weeks looking for the right dog. Once she held Elle and Elle laid her head on her shoulder she was in love! Elle’s mom lives alone and wanted a cuddling companion. They were both very happy leaving!

This is Johnny! His new dad saw him online and thought he looked perfect! When he saw Johnny he could not believe how handsome he was and just the perfect dog! He will get to be a running buddy with his new dad!

This is Kirk! His name will likely be changed and he will have a big family and two other dogs to play with! Mom and dad are familiar with training and this young dog will be a perfect companion

This is Rosita! Her new family was amazed at what a calm and beautiful girl she is at only 7 months old. She will be the only dog and will be welcomed into bed and she will go to training at Sit Means Sit! What a wonderful family for this young dog to grow up with!

This is Nixon! He was adopted right at 4:00 today! The family came in just for the adoption event and did not see him at first. When they saw his crate they couldn’t believe he was just what they were looking for! Nixon wagged his tail with excitement to meet this family with two small children. Their dog has passed away a few months ago and they wanted a small dog in their home again. Mom is a stay at home mom and will bring Nixon back to BARC for his HW treatment!