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How does our group supports BARC?

BARC is funded fully by the City of Houston and quite often, the budget does not allow for “extra” items needed in order to care for the animals. Friends of BARC has a fund set aside to assist in cases where the budget has been expended or special items are needed. To date, we have donated the following to BARC:

Medical equipment
Surgical table for spay and neuter
Cauterizing machine
Ophthalmic surgery kit (2)
Post-surgery body warmers
E-collars for post surgery

Medical supplies
Medications the city of Houston is unable to afford or has not budgeted (Bravecto, Gabapentin, Trazadone)

Medical personnel
Paid salaries of contract veterinarians when BARC’s budget fell short (2017?)

Heartworm treatment
Adulticide (Diroban/Immiticide)
Pre- and post-treatment medications (Doxycyline, Prednisone, Tramadol)

Kennel equipment and supplies
Weekly cleaning supplies
Animal enrichment
Kuranda beds for dogs & towers/beds for cats
Television (large screen for lobby area)
Hoses for cleaning
Kennel scrubbers and squeegees
Radios to play classical music

Outdoor needs
Dog runs and covers

Foster needs
Pallets of dog and cat food from Houston Rescue Bank (roughly every month)

Continuing Education
Paid registration and hotel for two employees to attend Aggressive Dog training in Dallas
Paid registration for four employees to attend Canine/Feline Resuscitation and First Aid seminar in

Camera to document cruelty investigations
Electric can openers

Money Donated

Sponsored X-Rays

Surgeries supported

Our Partners & Sponsors

  • Gloria Anguiano
  • Kelly Burns
  • Sheli Carter
  • Ashley Ellis 
  • Christina Garcia
  • Linda Garrison
  • Jeanne Hedin
  • Carla Hernandez
  • Sandra Lazeroff
  • Ward Marshall
  • Walter Mendez
  • Jennifer Meyers
  • Dr. Erin O’Toole
  • James Oxford
  • Karen Petry
  • Elesa Rodriguez
  • Leigh Saint Germain
  • Claudia Schnelle
  • Jackie Scott
  • Connie Tuthill
  • Hedwiga Weatherford
  • Yu Yue
  • Jennifer Ho
  • Ben Ho

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