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About our group

Friends of BARC was founded in 2003 by a group of animal lovers looking to support the humane care and treatment of the animals residing at BARC—the City of Houston Animal Shelter—and to help them find a chance for a better life.




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Annual Sponsored Heartworm Treatments from 2013-2021

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About Our Group

Improvements at BARC

BARC is funded fully by the City of Houston and quite often, the budget does not allow for “extra” items needed in order to care for the animals.

Feral Cat TNR

Two years ago, Friends of BARC realized the citizens of Houston were willing to help with the population explosion of stray (feral) cats—they just didn’t know how. That’s when we decided to step in to offer some assistance.


Trey’s Fund

Many animals arrive at the shelter and are in need of a little extra TLC before finding a forever home.

Heartworm Treatment

The “Have a Heart(worm) Treatment Program” is now the “Clarence Edgar Davis, Jr. Heartworm Treatment Program Sponsored by Texas Capital Bank”

Transports out of BARC

Coming Soon

Be Part of the Change to Our Homeless Pets

While BARC is fully funded with taxpayer funds, Friends of BARC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is funded 100% by donations. All donations made to our group are used to help the animals residing at the shelter. In addition to sponsoring weekly adoption events, we step in and help when the city budget is unable to support the needs of the animals.

Once a place nobody wanted to visit, BARC has gone through many changes over the past few years and has become a place where families venture to look for a new family member—of the 4 legged kind! Friends of BARC is proud to be a part of this change and we look forward to many other positive efforts to support animal rescue.

Our group has grown over the years and many BARC animals have benefited from our help—but we need your help to do more!


Become a Friend

So proud of Friends of BARC and BARC! Wonderful, caring, very, very hard-working volunteers and staff. BARC deserves Houston’s full support!!!

-Sherry Gregory Nassar

Our Partners & Sponsors

  • Gloria Anguiano
  • Kelly Burns
  • Sheli Carter
  • Ashley Ellis 
  • Christina Garcia
  • Linda Garrison
  • Jeanne Hedin
  • Carla Hernandez
  • Sandra Lazeroff
  • Ward Marshall
  • Walter Mendez
  • Jennifer Meyers
  • Dr. Erin O’Toole
  • James Oxford
  • Karen Petry
  • Elesa Rodriguez
  • Leigh Saint Germain
  • Claudia Schnelle
  • Jackie Scott
  • Connie Tuthill
  • Hedwiga Weatherford
  • Yu Yue
  • Jennifer Ho
  • Ben Ho

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