Adoptions – May 20, 2017

First thank you to everyone who helped today! We adopted 9 dogs and Keli V adopted 2 cats from the cat room! We had so many people who came into the store wanting to adopt today! It was amazing!

This is Reagan! She will have a dog buddy at her new home and a fenced yard! They looked at a couple dogs and picked Reagan!

This is Hero! His adopter spent an hour or more at the store. She had a dog in the past who passed away. She does have cats and we tested Hero with kittens and he did fine! He is a very well behaved dog! His adopter will bring him to BARC for heartworm treatment.

This is Tony, a BARC foster. This family spent a lot of time with Tony. The man of the family did very well with Tony and he will have a big back yard and kids to play with too!

This is Max! This nice couple spent a lot of time with Max. They have a 5 year old daughter who will grow up with Max!

This is Harlow! This family looked at several dogs and decided on Harlow. She will have 2 young boys in her new home!

This is Mona! She went to a great home. The little girl was very happy to take Mona home!

This is Bernard! He is a very sweet and loving dog and went home with a nice couple! His adopter said he knows sit and how to give you his paw!

This is Leonard! This couple also looked at several dogs. They spent a lot of time with Leonard and felt he was the best for for them!

This is Lilly! She is a 4 month old puppy. She liked to hug everyone! Her adopter wanted a dog who will cuddle! Lilly is a great fit for her!

All the adopters were great and spent a lot of time with the animals they adopted! It’s great that 9 dogs and 2 cats are sleeping in new homes tonight!!!!

Adoptions – May 13, 2017

We had a great day yesterday! 5 adoptions total!

This is Teresa. She will have 2 cat buddies and a couple mini schnauzers in her new home. The adopter held Teresa and fell in love with her! She knows how to introduce cats so this should be a great home!

This is senior Claire! She has a big family which includes 2 dogs! They thought Claire was very sweet and would make a good addition to their family. They will bring her to BARC for heartworm treatment.

This is senior baby girl! Her new family fell in love with her! They all talked it over and the boys were excited to take her home! She will be the only dog!

This is Marble! This family came in looking to adopt and looked at a few dogs. They decided on Marble because she is so sweet and well behaved! She will live in the house and have a backyard too! Marble has a very nice family!

This is Khalessi! The dad and daughter came to Petsmart to adopt a BARC dog! They have 2 dogs at home and have a big back yard. They have fostered before so this dog is in good hands and has a great home!

Adoptions – May 07, 2017

While it was a slow day at Petsmart 2 sweet kittens and 2 lucky dogs found new forever homes! This is Lexi! She will be the only dog and the family’s first dog. The girl in the pic fell in love with Lexi! She will have a great home!   These kittens are Jack and… Continue Reading

Adoptions – May 06, 2017

It is national adoptions weekend at Petsmart. We will have a Sunday event too! Today 3 kittens and 3 dogs went to new homes! This is Marcus, the black lab! He will have a little playmate in his new home! His new mom spent a lot of time with him and decided he was the… Continue Reading

Adoptions – April 29, 2017

We had a great day at Petsmart! This is Maria! She went home with a nice family and will be the only cat! The young man holding her fell in love with her and looks forward to a long life with his new family member!   This is Sassy! Her family is familiar with terriers… Continue Reading

Adoptions – April 22, 2017

Yesterday part of 290 was closed in both directions. Overall store traffic was slower. We did have 3 adoptions and referred people to BARC. This pup is named Eliza! The guys wanted to adopt a puppy and there were 2 on the van to go to another offsite. They were able to meet the pups… Continue Reading

Adoptions – April 15, 2017

Four lucky dogs will have a Happy Easter! This is Ryleigh! This young lady lives with her parents. Dad went home to get their dog to meet Ryleigh and the meeting went well! The family is very nice and they live in the Cypress area!   This is Jayla! This adopter spent a lot of… Continue Reading

Adoptions – April 08, 2017

Four Lucky Barc animals went to new homes on Saturday! This is Bruno! This young man spent a lot of time with Bruno and felt an attachment to him. Bruno will have a big back yard at his new home and get to stay inside too.   This is little Paul! He will have 4… Continue Reading

Adoptions – April 01, 2017

Wow! 5 lucky dogs went home today! Great job to the Petsmart team! This is Elle! Elle’s adopter has come the last 4 weeks looking for the right dog. Once she held Elle and Elle laid her head on her shoulder she was in love! Elle’s mom lives alone and wanted a cuddling companion. They… Continue Reading

Adoptions – March 25, 2017

Today, 3 dogs went to new homes! This is Jackie! Her new family came in to buy nail clippers! They came over to look at the dogs and fell in love with Jackie! They have 2 JRT’s so Jackie will have buddies. They will bring Jackie to BARC for HW treatment.   This is Luigi!… Continue Reading

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