Adoptions – March 18, 2017

Another great day at Petsmart 290!

03-18-2017-01This is Alicia! She will be the only pup in the home! They missed having a dog and fell in love with Alicia at first sight! They walked her around the store and walked her down to the grassy area twice! She will have a great home!
03-18-2017-02This is Brutus! He was being fostered and had come to adoptions for many weeks. His foster parents were in contact with a friend of a friend and talked several times regarding Brutus. This man drove from Louisiana to adopt Brutus! The picture shows this is a good match!
03-18-2017-03This is Hendrix! One of our volunteers, Kendall Moore, sent pics to her cousin. They have been looking for a new dog and Hendrix fit the bill! He will live in 5 acres in Columbus, TX!
03-18-2017-04This is Melody! She was very timid when she arrived. The volunteers had her out and she warmed up and her tail was wagging! The couple that adopted her spent time with melody and felt they connected with her! After adopting Melody they went shopping for their new family member!

Thanks to the Petsmart team for helping all these dogs go to great homes!

Adoptions – March 11, 2017

Last weekend several dogs found great homes!

03-11-2017-01Little cameral and candy were adopted to the same home. These girls are sisters and were attached to each other. It was great to see them go to the same home!
03-11-2017-02This is Brister! He has a chihuahua in his new home! His new family will bring him to BARC for heartworm treatment.
03-11-2017-03This is Glenda’s foster Maddie! This little girl is a sweet and is visually impaired. She went to a great home!
03-11-2017-04This is Carolina! This dog is so calm and sweet and we were all happy to see her go to a new home!

We also adopted marina an fob cat from the cat room. Sorry no picture is available.

Thanks to all who helped!

Donate For Hope

UPDATE August 9, 2016 – Hope is fitted with her new cart today. She took her first spin around North Durham Animal Clinic and didn’t get a speeding ticket. We can’t wait until she is free-wheeling and whipping corners. Her personality continues to infect everyone who meets her. It’s not difficult to want to help… Continue Reading

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