Adoptions – April 22, 2017

Yesterday part of 290 was closed in both directions. Overall store traffic was slower. We did have 3 adoptions and referred people to BARC.

This pup is named Eliza! The guys wanted to adopt a puppy and there were 2 on the van to go to another offsite. They were able to meet the pups and decided to adopt Eliza! They were very happy with their new puppy and I am sure that will be a great home!
This is Sassy! The mother and son prayed they would find the right calm dog to adopt. They were very happy to adopt Sassy and she was the perfect girl for them! They will bring her to BARC for heartworm treatment.
This is Weda! Her new owner was looking for a sweet dog. When she met Weda she was thrilled with this sweet girl! She will bring her to BARC for heartworm treatment.

Thanks to all who helped make a difference in these 3 dog’s lives!

Adoptions – April 15, 2017

Four lucky dogs will have a Happy Easter!

This is Ryleigh! This young lady lives with her parents. Dad went home to get their dog to meet Ryleigh and the meeting went well! The family is very nice and they live in the Cypress area!
This is Jayla! This adopter spent a lot of time with jayla and said she was so sweet and she wanted to take her home! Jayla will have a dog buddy in her new home!
This is Percy! This young lady was the most prepared adopter we have met! She went to Barc yesterday and came back to Barc today to adopt Percy. They told her he was at Petsmart and she came to adopt him! She graduated from Brown and is a 10th grade teacher and finishing her first year! She did all her research and paid her pet deposit! She spent a lot of time with Percy and will bring him to Barc for heartworm treatment!
This is Nitro! This adopter did go to Barc earlier and said there were no small dogs at Barc and so are went to another offsite looking for a small dog. The event she was at was run by Theresa E who called me and sent the adopter to us! They were thrilled to meet nitro and take him home!

We referred people to Barc today too!

Thanks to all who helped and Happy Easter to everyone!

Adoptions – April 08, 2017

Four Lucky Barc animals went to new homes on Saturday! This is Bruno! This young man spent a lot of time with Bruno and felt an attachment to him. Bruno will have a big back yard at his new home and get to stay inside too.   This is little Paul! He will have 4… Continue Reading

Adoptions – April 01, 2017

Wow! 5 lucky dogs went home today! Great job to the Petsmart team! This is Elle! Elle’s adopter has come the last 4 weeks looking for the right dog. Once she held Elle and Elle laid her head on her shoulder she was in love! Elle’s mom lives alone and wanted a cuddling companion. They… Continue Reading

Adoptions – March 25, 2017

Today, 3 dogs went to new homes! This is Jackie! Her new family came in to buy nail clippers! They came over to look at the dogs and fell in love with Jackie! They have 2 JRT’s so Jackie will have buddies. They will bring Jackie to BARC for HW treatment.   This is Luigi!… Continue Reading

Adoptions – March 18, 2017

Another great day at Petsmart 290! This is Alicia! She will be the only pup in the home! They missed having a dog and fell in love with Alicia at first sight! They walked her around the store and walked her down to the grassy area twice! She will have a great home!   This… Continue Reading

Adoptions – March 11, 2017

Last weekend several dogs found great homes! Little cameral and candy were adopted to the same home. These girls are sisters and were attached to each other. It was great to see them go to the same home!   This is Brister! He has a chihuahua in his new home! His new family will bring… Continue Reading

Donate For Hope

UPDATE August 9, 2016 – Hope is fitted with her new cart today. She took her first spin around North Durham Animal Clinic and didn’t get a speeding ticket. We can’t wait until she is free-wheeling and whipping corners. Her personality continues to infect everyone who meets her. It’s not difficult to want to help… Continue Reading

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