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Adoptions – July 29, 2017

We had a very good day at Petsmart!

This is Gracie! Her new family looked at several dogs and decided Gracie was the right dog for them! Gracie will live with 2 cats and will have a great home!

This is Blue! He will be the only dog in his new home and stay inside! His new owners left with shampoo and a brush to take him home for a bath today! They fell in love with him when the saw him! He was happy to go home with his new family!

These are 3 kittens named Beaux, Margeaux and Henry! They all went to the same home! They had a cat before and did not want to separate the kittens! All 3 will be indoors! They were excited to take their new kittens home!

This is Panda! This mom and son saw Panda online yesterday. They drove by Petsmart and saw Panda outside walking and came in to meet him! Panda will be an only dog and he will be spoiled! They bought him a new bed and let Panda pick out his toy! Panda picked a rope toy! He will have a great life in his new home!

This is Loui! This family adopted another dog that is a chihuahua mix and about the same age and they wanted a buddy for their dog! They did not want their dog to be lonely! They fell in love with Loui too!

This is Paxton! The whole family fell in love with him! The kids were excited to bring a new puppy home!

This is Angel! The adopter had a dog that passed away years ago. He would play with and walk his neighbors lab mix. His neighbors were in Petsmart and saw Angel. They told him about angel so he came into meet Angel and took her home!

We also adopted Splotch, one of Keli’s kittens from the cat room too!

Adoptions – July 22, 2017

Today traffic was slow but we had 2 great adoptions! This is Polo! His adopter is from Huntsville! She looked at dogs online and read dogs would be at Petsmart 290. One of the dogs she wanted to meet was Polo! She spent time with Polo and fell in love with him! She plans to… Continue Reading

Adoptions – July 15, 2017

The team had a great day! This is Rex! His family came in looking for a GS! The son fell in love with Rex and it was a good match!   Second pic is Nova! His adopter’s husband had grown up with Yorkies. The adopter saw this pup online and went to BARC to find… Continue Reading

Adoptions – July 08, 2017

Adoptions were slow on Saturday. We did adopt a lucky pup and dog! This is Sadie! The family that adopted Sadie met her last weekend but Sadie was adopted by another family. Sadie was returned and this lucky family adopted Sadie! She will be the only dog in her new home and has a nice… Continue Reading

Adoptions – July 01, 2017

The Petsmart team had a great day! This is little yoda! This adopter was thrilled and very happy to adopt little yoda! Yoda will be an only dog and receive a lot of love!   This is Dallas! This young lady was looking specifically for a husky mix. Her spouse grew up with Huskies and… Continue Reading

Adoptions – June 24, 2017

We had a good day! We adopted out 4 dogs and 3 kittens were adopted from the Petsmart cat room. This is Nala. She will be the only dog in her new home. Her new adopters liked Nala’s sweet and friendly personality!   This is George! This couple went to BARC to adopt George and… Continue Reading

Adoptions – June 10, 2017

This is Monica, a BARC foster. Her new mom used to work at the SPCA and will give Monica a lot of love! She will bring her to BARC for heartworm treatment.   This is Sandy, a 7 year old! Her new family will have 2 other dogs and a cute baby! This lady fell… Continue Reading

Adoptions – June 03, 2017

We had a great day! We adopted 4 dogs and 2 kittens! Keli also adopted a cat too! This is Jess. She was adopted by a nice family and has a dog buddy in her new home. This family fell in love with Jess’ sweetness and calm demeanor!   This is Prescott! This dog was… Continue Reading

Adoptions – May 27, 2017

Great news! We adopted 9 dogs and 2 kittens! Great job and thank you to all who helped! We also referred a man to BARC who wanted a female brown tabby kitten. He came back by the store and he adopted Ms. Blue a beautiful 5-week old gray kitten! His cat had passed away and… Continue Reading

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