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Two years ago, Friends of BARC realized the citizens of Houston were willing to help with the population explosion of stray (feral) cats—they just didn’t know how. That’s when we decided to step in to offer some assistance.

What is TNR?

The “Trap, Neuter, Return” (TNR) protocol is a world-recognized & approved model to halt the breeding cycle of feral cat colonies. Cats are trapped, sterilized & returned to their habitat.
The Friends of BARC TNR program loans traps & supplies, offers paid surgery vouchers at select area clinics and advises on trapping & surgery aftercare.

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To learn more about the TNR model from one of the national leaders in the field, Alley Cat Allies, visit www.alleycat.org
For more information, please email to feraltnr@friendsofbarc.org.

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