Kind News

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Kind News

Realizing that humane treatment of animals is best learned early in life, Friends of BARC supports 13 elementary schools in the Houston area with teaching kindness to animals. This is done through a newsletter called “KindNews”.

KindNews is an award-winning publication produced by the Humane Society of the United States that teaches facts about the inhabitants and the habitats on Earth with an emphasis on taking action to fix problems.

KindNews helps teachers teach topics from biology, geography, general science, and citizenship while providing reading lessons for the students. Each classroom package has a densely printed sheet of classroom techniques and ideas for the teacher. The newsletters come in three levels: first and second grade, third and fourth grade, and fifth and sixth grade. The newsletter is delivered to the schools 5 times a year and each child is given a copy to keep.

We have a committee of people working on increasing the number of schools in the program as well working on fund raising. We try to recruit in low income, high dog bite zip codes first. And we accommodate any additions due to our school coordinators changing schools.

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