We had a great day yesterday! 5 adoptions total!

This is Teresa. She will have 2 cat buddies and a couple mini schnauzers in her new home. The adopter held Teresa and fell in love with her! She knows how to introduce cats so this should be a great home!

This is senior Claire! She has a big family which includes 2 dogs! They thought Claire was very sweet and would make a good addition to their family. They will bring her to BARC for heartworm treatment.

This is senior baby girl! Her new family fell in love with her! They all talked it over and the boys were excited to take her home! She will be the only dog!

This is Marble! This family came in looking to adopt and looked at a few dogs. They decided on Marble because she is so sweet and well behaved! She will live in the house and have a backyard too! Marble has a very nice family!

This is Khalessi! The dad and daughter came to Petsmart to adopt a BARC dog! They have 2 dogs at home and have a big back yard. They have fostered before so this dog is in good hands and has a great home!