It is national adoptions weekend at Petsmart. We will have a Sunday event too! Today 3 kittens and 3 dogs went to new homes!

This is Marcus, the black lab! He will have a little playmate in his new home! His new mom spent a lot of time with him and decided he was the right dog to adopt!

This is Shelby! She has a beautiful dog buddy in her new home. Shelby and the new dog did fine together! Her new mom spent a lot of time with her too! She will bring Shelby to BARC for heartworm treatment.

This is Toby! His new family spent time with Toby who did great with their child. He will be the only dog and will have nice yard to run in and will be inside the house too!

This is kitten Luke Skywalker. This family had their house all ready with litter box, food, and cat toys and just needed to find the right kitten! The kids loved their new kitten!

This is Chewie and Han Solo! They went to the same home so they will be able to run and play! The husband was in a wheelchair with 2 broken feet. Little Chewie enjoyed sitting calmly in his lap! These 2 cuties have a great home!

Thanks to all who helped! I hope tomorrow is another great day for BARC animals!