We had a good day! We adopted out 4 dogs and 3 kittens were adopted from the Petsmart cat room.

This is Nala. She will be the only dog in her new home. Her new adopters liked Nala’s sweet and friendly personality!

This is George! This couple went to BARC to adopt George and found out he was at Petsmart and came to adopt him! He will have a Pom buddy in his new home.

This is Cadence! She will be the only pup in her new home. She will have a stay at home parent for the summer to help her adjust and train her!

This is Sadie! This family met Sadie last week Wednesday at BARC. They tried to adopt her but another person adopted her. Then Sadie was returned to Barc. They came to adopt her and are in love with her silly personality and bought a harness to walk her!