We had a great day! We adopted 4 dogs and 2 kittens! Keli also adopted a cat too!

This is Jess. She was adopted by a nice family and has a dog buddy in her new home. This family fell in love with Jess’ sweetness and calm demeanor!

This is Prescott! This dog was shy with the volunteers. When Prescott saw this young boy, she peeked up and was excited! She will be an only dog in a family with 4 children so she can receive a lot of love!

This is Fiona! This nice couple walked Fiona and fell in love with her size and that she is so sweet! She will be the only dog in her new home.

This is Peanut! He will have a husky buddy in his new home. Peanut will also enjoy a half acre yard when outside with his new dad!

This is Sakura! She will have a nice home with several family members!

This is Naruto! His new adopter had a cat for many years which had passed away. She is was excited to bring a new kitten home!