The Petsmart team had a great day!

This is little yoda! This adopter was thrilled and very happy to adopt little yoda! Yoda will be an only dog and receive a lot of love!

This is Dallas! This young lady was looking specifically for a husky mix. Her spouse grew up with Huskies and they were hoping to find one to adopt! Mission accomplished!

This is Jasmine! She will have another pup to play with in her new home. The whole family thought she was too cute and were happy to take her home!

This is Annabelle! Her adopter wanted a buddy to his dog. He is also friends of the family who adopted zack too!

This is Zack! The husband grew up with boxers and was looking for a boxer for his family! They were happy to take their new family pet home!

This is Sassy! This young couple have a house and another dog that is 2 years old. Sassy will have a canine companion in her new home!

Thanks to all who helped!