We had a great day today!

This is Nick! He went home with a nice family! There is a cat in his new home!

This is Max! This adopter had a dog. There was a robbery at her home and they took the dog too. She moved and adopted Max to be a family companion!

This is Max! There is a border collie in his new home! They feel in love with his sweet personality!

This is Lucille! She was a BARC foster dog so the foster mom was able to share info with her new family. The family looked at a cat first and then went to look at the dogs. One of the daughters is in FFA so the family has rabbits. They were all excited to bring a loving dog home who will receive a lot of love and attention!

This is puppy, Remy! She will have a 5 month old pup to play with in her new home!

This is Dottie a foster kitten. The family came in the morning and listened to the description of the kittens from the foster. They left and thought about it and came back to adopt Dottie!

This is Coffee! His family saw him on Pet Harbor and liked the description. They called to find out he was at Petsmart. So they cane down to adopt him!